Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Final Reflection

I have been more vigilant to the things people say over the internet. I try to understand the situation and circumstances of the speaker and reasons for them to tell me. Usually it is because of politics and/or money, but sometimes it is a truly good cause. Like the team trees movement, or the charity made to fund fire relief in Australia. It is important to be media literate so that one can use the or interpret the media freely without issue and confusion. It is extremely useful to be able to access the world's information at the palm of you hands. One can also view the world's problems and new ideas to mitigate them. Being educated properly on the ways and techniques people use to influence people to buy stuff can help people see the scams or the ripoff products being sold online or in stores. I saw that my media consumption isn't very diverse and it has shown me that the stuff that I do watch is semi interesting at best. The media is like the wild west of the world. Anyone can do anything, say anything, or think anything. You think you are safe, bu there are numerous ways of social engineering through email, fishing scams to get information, or hacking to find I.P. addresses or other personal info, like your bank password. It's practically a lawless land out there, don't be dumb, use your cranium when making even the most mindless decisions to save yourself from disaster, and have fun. :D
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Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Biggest Headache

What is it? Anxiety. Anxiety looms over our shoulders and rears its ugly head at what feels like the lowest moments of life. What caused it show itself? We see the expectations of what to wear, how to act, how to do anything to fit in from the most popular celebrities and influences, causing major anxiety in people to, "look the part." People also get more anxiety because of lack of connectedness. We separate ourselves from real connections by using social media to communicate instead of going outside into the world to hang out.

A big factor is also how we pay more attention the the very bad news. There's all this news about potential WWIII, fires in Australia, but no one is talking about how some YouTubers raised 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees. We always look at the big negatives and never have the time to look at some of the little or big good things in our lives. Just a bit of happiness can be an anxiety cure, so be optimistic.

The Few. The Disregarded

All over the world, people are being ignored and not taken into consideration. For example, most tools. Scissors? Well you need a special left handed version. Want to play video games on the key board? Well now you have to change the lay out of you keyboard so it will allow you aim with your left and move with your right hand. A simple can opener? Yep, that too needs a special version. One could argue that they aren't taken into consideration because they are only 10% of the population.

I'll take that answer, but how about the media targeting men with their programs by objectifying women? Women make up half of the population. There is no reason to disregard half of the human race. They are the ones who usually take care of you when you are young and can barely move by staying at home. Shouldn't media target women even more than men because arguably because of the stay at home moms out there, there should be more men than women at home. However, the media still uses their main target of men to cater to. It isn't logical to do this, why miss out on such a huge audience and provide them with a lot less to view and capitalize on. Doesn't make sense in this case.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Living Legend

There is a guy called Nardwuar, he is an interviewer who tries to makes things interesting. He has interviewed people like Drake, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and dictators. When he interviews people he has information on them that no one should know about or is very obscure to make the interviewee more interested and excited about being interviewed. For example, he'll learn what poster is in your room, where you grew up, you parents work and workplace and even your favorite food. it"s kinda creepy to the person being interviewed but they know his reputation for bringing obscure information so they deal with it. He also held a Ted Talk about interviewing where I learned that he interviewed some politicians and asked them to play a game with him. The weirdest two player game, the Hip Slip (watch the talk if you want to know what it is). He has tried to do this to every politician he has interviewed and most of them agree to play the embarrassing game with him. Almost everybody that Nardwuar has interviewed has takena  liking to him, especially Snoop Dogg who he has interviewed multile time over his career, and in one instance where Snoop Dogg offered the cameraman a joint. The legend also did a crowd surf in a Ted Talk, if you're telling that this man isn't a legend, you are just plain wrong. Be a repectful human and as always, "Doot Doo Da Loo Do, Doo Doo!"
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Song From Where?

There is a song that has existed for a while. The song is called La Caution - Thé à la Menthe. It was originally part if the sound track for the movie Ocean's Twelve. However, the comments seem to not match with the movie, all of it is about speed demons and admins? What's up with that? Well, There is a video about a guy called Phoon. In the video are compilations of clips about him doing skilled movements and killing the enemy team. The video uses the song from Ocean's Twelve and it became more well known to people for that video and not from a multi million dollar movie.

The comment section of the song are just quotes of the Phoon compilation and there wasn't any signs of quotes from the movie. It was all quotes from what the enemy team said in reaction to Phoon's skill movements. There are three songs in the video and like Thé à la Menthe's video, the comment sections of them are talking about the Phoon video. Its interesting that if someone uses a song, they could be more popular than the actual artist who produced the music. It is ingrained in people that hear this song and know about Phoon that it is about Phoon.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Anger From Virtual Entertainment

Sometimes, people get angry, its a natural part of people. However, sometimes I can get angry at a computer monitor. What is displayed in the monitor is a video game. In the video game I may be doing poorly, but I am so I the moment I can only think of anger. Not sadness or remorse, full bridal anger! It doesn't mean that my team is losing, its specifically A: When I am doing bad, or B: When one of my teammates is dragging us down with his ineptness at the video game.

This rage is something I have never felt before until I got into playing these games. Maybe because I never took anything to seriously, but when this test of skill shows that I am not good, my fury shows it little ugly head in the form of, table pounding, yelling, and grunts. However, just because there are these moments of anger in video games, usually video games incite me with happiness because it is fun.
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Monday, December 23, 2019

Rank Discrepancies

There is a game called CS:GO, short for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, with a ranking system based upon skill level. One of the subcategories of rank is silver. This level houses the lowest ranks in the game. Unfortunately, there is a problem with these ranks, there is a huge variety of skill level in silver. There could be players that are definitely in silver facing people who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. This creates a disturbance in the silver ranks. You would think that the people would naturally go to their actual ranks slowly, but more often than not, the good players never escape silver rank.

Now the actual silver ranks are facing against players who are actually in gold nova or in master guardian elite. This doesn't make for a fun experience for the silvers. There are even people called smurfs who are actually a higher rank but play at a lower rank for self gratification of dominating worse players. So basically the rankings for the lower ranks are all mixed up which is very annoying.
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